War of the Sexes – Who is Wired to be in Tech?

A severe earthquake just shook Google and the Silicon Valley. The tremors didn’t come from the San Andreas Fault. The epicenter was a software engineer’s manifesto questioning women’s biology and ability to compete in the tech sector. It is truly sensational and unbelievable. The truth is that women have made significant contributions to the world […]


Drug Development: Hot and Not

Drug Development: What’s Hot? What’s Not? Acquisitions, technology, patient engagement, real world evidence, and artificial intelligence are hot trends transforming pharma.  A new option for drug-delivery captured investor attention at BIO 2017. An entirely new take on cardiovascular care could mean billions for Novartis. And yet, what’s not hot remains a global threat to health […]


Healthcare Disruption: Big Bang or Tipping Point?

The debate how to improve access to American healthcare has brought about some grand and complex schemes.  But, what if the eventual disruption of the health sector comes about as result of a series of small changes that eventually become significant enough to bring about a tipping point? Ripe for Disruption? Americans are familiar with […]


Forces for Change

Forces for Change High drug prices, a failing public image, generics-friendly legislation, and a dearth of innovation are forcing M&As, outsourcing, and radical thinking for Pharma.  PBMs are being called to the table for their drug pricing margins. And, get out your glow sticks, because SXSW is the new frontier for Pharma and Tech match-making. […]


Healthcare Fake News

“I want to Believe” was a poster above Fox Mulder’s desk in the paranormal television series, The X-Files. It’s human nature to want to believe; especially at the intersection of health, innovation, and technology. Fans, investors, advocates, and even journalists have been blind-sided by their own failure to ask questions. Billions lost. Just look at a […]


Healthcare and Pharma House of Cards

The United States is twisted in knots over healthcare coverage, access, and costs. Medicaid and Medicare are in the cross-fire. It’s anyone’s guess about how it will all sort itself out and if there will be a ripple effect on how other countries manage their health and payer systems. The bright spot is with real […]


Keys to Winning the Cybersecurity War

A cryptographer, a cyber security guru, and an NSA agent walk into a bar. Who buys the first round of drinks? This is not farfetched, 43k people descended on San Francisco in February for this year’s RSA USA to discuss the future needs to secure our data and the technology that we use. Hot relevant […]

Lodescore® Update: Last Chance for the Cures Act?

Will real world data and patient-centered processes become core to submissions to FDA? The lame-duck Congress that began this week may be the last chance for the 21st Century Cures Act to pass. It highlights the ubiquity of technology (Thank you HITECH!) combining it with partnering with patients and the application of real world data […]

Lodescore® Update: Stats Don’t Lie

We should be petrified. Zika is an imminent threat and rapidly spreading. Is this another ebola situation that could quickly escalate? The CDC just announced the first US-based travel advisory for an infectious disease. Yet, there’s limited funding for research and innovation. Could Cuban scientists help find the answer? Explosive Spread and Devastating Birth Defects […]

Lodescore® Update: Gambling on our Guts; Science’s Micro frenzy

Poorly understood until recently, the microbiome (the trillions of microbes in our gut) topped the Cleveland Clinics’ list of breakthroughs poised to transform our health in 2017. Investment in this space has skyrocketed. Small but Mighty and Many Betting Highly Lucrative “If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that while microbes are […]