What is Lodescore?

Lodescore  is a suite of tools and data that allows for quick and easy shopping and comparing of conferences, tradeshows, and symposia.  With data on thousands of shows in combination with a proprietary scoring indices, businesses are able to make strategic decisions, improve team productivity, and track customers, competitors, and market trends.

What is the difference between Lodescore and Lodescore Analytics?

Lodescore allows real time access to thousands of conferences focused in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life science, and technology. Lodescore allows search by location, date, and keywords in names, descriptions, and by organizer. Lodescore also lets users compare up to 5 conferences side-by-side and individual conference overviews with information like descriptions, dates and location, industry type, registration prices, maps, and more. With Team and Enterprise dashboards, customers are able to monitor and manage employee’s attendance at conferences, estimate spend, and measure ROI.

Lodescore Analytics is a powerful tool for businesses that want a competitive edge. Dashboards present the data by company, by person, by topic, by keyword, or by city/region. Our clients come from many different professions.

Who are typical Lodescore customers?

Types of Companies and Organizations:

-Conference Organizers
-Economic Development
-Healthcare Information Technology
-Hospitality Industry
-Private Equity Firms
-Professional and Trade

Types of Professionals:

-Business Development and Sales
-Competitive Intelligence
-Conference Organizers
-Financial Analysts
-Human Resources
-Marketing and Market Research
-Medical Affairs

How are your clients using Lodescore data?

Our customers are using our products to:

-Choose conferences that better match interests and objectives
-Improve return on investments at conferences and symposia
-Locate and target customers in a more strategic way
-Monitor products, customers, and competitors
-Find fresh content, hot topics, and companies that are moving and shaking
-Enhance talent identification and recruitment of domain experts
-Discover, track, and monitor potential target assets
-Surface patent infringements

What kind of conferences are in Lodescore?

Lodescore focuses on agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceutical, life science, and technology-based conferences. New verticals and domains will be added in the future. To commission the collection of data in a new vertical, please contact info@lodestoneinsights.com.

How does Lodescore collect the data?

Conferences and symposia are identified by specific specialty areas, domains, and through client recommendation. The publicly available data is assessed and entered into a proprietary data structure. The structure is developed to capture and organize conference information regardless of the conference design and size. If additional data is needed, the conference organizer is contacted. Data completeness, quality, and integrity are quality checked through a structured method.

How long after Lodescore collects the data is it available?

As soon as the initial conference data is collected and put into the database, it is pushed to Lodescore within 24 hours. Lodescores are typically published approximately 3-6 months before the start of the conference. Agenda and sponsorship information is uploaded to Lodescore Analytics as soon as it is entered into the database.

How are Lodescores assigned?

Lodescores are indices based on professional development and education, networking, and business development. Each score is ranked on a five star scale e.g. 1 being the lowest possible Lodescore value and 5 being the highest Lodescore value possible based on the information collected and assessed.

Education Lodescore indicates a conference attendee’s potential to:

• Acquire new and share knowledge
• Maximize the time invested through structured educational programming and agenda
• Learn from thought leaders and domain experts and gain exposure to new and innovative ideas
• Earn credit from educational experience

Business Development Lodescore indicates a company’s or attendee’s potential to:

• Foster existing relationships and acquire new business connections
• Drive positive brand exposure
• Find opportunities to be a sponsor of special events and dedicated time for business development opportunities

Networking Lodescore indicates a conference attendee’s potential to:

• Re-connect with peers and colleagues
• Create new connections and meet new people
• Attend organized networking sessions
• Experience an ideal level of traffic that affects networking opportunities
• Enjoy other entertainment, amenities, and perks surrounding a conference’s location[/toggle]

How many conferences does Lodescore track?

Visit the Lodescore home page to view a live count. Approximately 200-400 new conferences are being added to the database each month.

How do I purchase Lodescore?

To purchase any of the Lodescore tools, please contact info@lodestoneinsights.com.

How do I find conferences?

Please refer to the Lodescore User Guide.

How do I compare conferences?

Please refer to the Lodescore User Guide.

How else can I view conferences?

Please refer to the Lodescore User Guide.

What do I do if I find an error in the conference information?

If users find an error in the conference information, please submit corrections to support@lodestoneinsights.com. A Lodescore representative will return the email as soon as possible.

Lodescore doesn’t have a conference I am looking for. What do I do?

Lodescore monitors and tracks thousands of conferences focused in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life science, and technology each year, but we may miss a few. If users find that a conference they are looking for is missing, please fill out this survey and we will review the conference for Lodescore.

What other services does Lodescore offer?

Lodescore offers several other products, services, and reports. Please visit our Solutions menu tab to learn more. Email info@lodestoneinsights.com for more information.