White Papers and Resources

The pain is real. You are not alone. You need resources. Most everyone has felt the pain of trying to make the right decisions about what conferences, tradeshows, and symposia to attend, speak, sponsor, and exhibit. Yet, Lodescore is the only tool that can help relieve the pain. From informing decisions with data and the Lodescore proprietary indices to tracking team activity and providing real-time dashboards, this tool makes lives easier.

Here are just a few resources for your reference –

Blog: Dreamforce Hangover – What’s your ROI?

Blog: To HIMSS or Not To HIMSS? Find the Answer With 5 Questions

Calculator: Estimate your own annual spend on conferences, trade shows, and symposia

Research: Brand Influence Report for Pharma, Healthcare, Tech and Academic Brands

Use Cases

White Paper: Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs, and Increase ROI